Awwww, hell yeah.

My mom, me, and my sister right before my last chemo infusion. We are all very happy… can you tell?

Last Wednesday I went in for my VERY LAST chemo infusion.  To mark the momentous occasion, my mom, sister, and aunt accompanied me.

Now it’s Saturday night and although I’m having one of my worst chemo fallout days thus far, I am bolstered by two things.  This is the worst it will get.  And next Saturday I’ll be getting ready for a week…IN UTAH.

I know your head may have just snapped back as you read “Utah” but I assure you it is neither a typo nor a delusion.

Several months back, I was perusing an excellent website geared toward the under-40 cancer crowd called Stupid Cancer, paying particular attention to the “Get Help” section since that’s what I’ve *really* needed throughout this cancer thing.  Linked on the site is an organization called True North Treks.

True North Treks does amazing things.  They give young cancer survivors like myself (in the cancer universe, a “young cancer survivor” is anyone under 40) all-inclusive week-long backcountry trips to beautiful places to focus on healing, hanging with other cancer peeps, and practicing mindfulness meditation.  Oh, and it’s free.

Before I was diagnosed, I liked to do adventure-y things.  I did long distance backpacking trips by myself, was game for hiking and crazy relay running adventures, etc.  So when I saw that True North Treks was offering a canoeing trip along Utah’s section of the Green River in October, I jumped on it.

The application process was easy and the True North people have been wonderful.  Within a few weeks, I was signed up.

It’s hard to convey just how much I need this trip.  Between the physical and emotional aspects of cancer treatment coupled with parenting, I just don’t have the time or energy to put into self-care.  My reserves are tapped.  I need to get back to the happy place–nature–that gives me so much joy, perspective, and confidence.

The reason I’m able to go to Utah is because previous trip participants raised money from their friends and family to send me.  So now I am asking YOU– yes, YOU, dear reader–to donate to True North Treks so together we can send another cancer survivor like me on a trip they will so desperately need at the end of their treatment.  My goal is to raise $1,500 and whether you give $5 or $50, your donation will have a huge impact on people like me who have to deal with this awful disease.

Please navigate on over to my pimped out fundraising page.  Thank you SO MUCH!