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A new truism I’ve learned: If you want to know whether your in-laws really like you, get cancer.

Luckily, getting cancer has shown me that my husband’s family likes me.  They really, really like me.  All of this was proven two weeks ago when, after weeks of planning, my in-laws threw an amazing benefit party for me and my family complete with a live band, “Team Megan” t-shirts and rubber wrist bands, and tables and tables of raffle prizes generously donated by people from here to Vermont.

Let me just say that there was more attention to detail paid than to my own wedding.  It was that good and well done.

My husband’s aunts and cousins as well as my long-time friend Jen put everything together, and more than 200 people showed up.   I saw my best friends, friends I hadn’t seen since high school, friends I hadn’t seen in years, fellow moms from my son’s school, and lots of people who I had never met.  I didn’t know the majority of the people, and that was kind of cool.

The band that played, Full Circle, donated their time playing bluesy rock covers.  They passed a tip bucket at the end of the evening and sent half the collection home with Keith.

So many people and companies donated raffle items that it was a bit overwhelming.  The raffle took up a good part of the night, which was super-fun since almost everyone left with something.  There were gift certificates for hair salons, eyelash extensions, reiki, and lots of eateries; Red Sox and Bruins tickets and an autographed John Lester baseball; handmade sweaters and art and and gift baskets bursting with goodies.

Perhaps the best part of the whole event happened the morning of it.  My husband’s aunts said we needed to come to the hall to “approve a few things.”  Keith was working so I went with the kids, and when we walked into the hall, already beautifully decorated and perfect as-is, out came Keith’s parents who surprised us by flying up from Florida.  I felt total shock and surprise and overwhelming gratitude that they could make it.  When Keith got home later, he went through the same emotions.  We had a lovely weekend with them.

Thank you so much to everyone involved– those who came, donated, planned and poured hours and hours into helping us.  I can only wish that others get a family as great as I got when I married my husband.  


I am working on a permanent page for this site that will list my supporters since there have been so many.  I’m talking about you, friends, family members, friends of friends, the wonderful people at the Boston Globe, JOOS, Mary McManus and South Boston Yoga, and everyone else who has made our lives easier and more joyful through such a difficult time.