When Megan was sick that time in JanuaryIn case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, this pic gives you the gist.  I went to a hot yoga class on Sunday evening and by the end, I felt awful.  I went home and promptly realized i was sick with a capital “S.”  102.5 temperature, sore throat, chills.

The thing with being on chemo is that they want you to call the office EVERY time your temperature goes above 100.4 degrees.  And when you call, you’re at the mercy of the on-call doctor who will tell you to either A) stay home and watch the fever while hydrating the crap out of your body or B) come to the ER…. which is exactly what I had to do on Christmas Eve when I became one of Boston’s confirmed influenza cases.

I lucked out Sunday.  No ER visit.  But I felt like death and the next day I felt a little less awful but still pretty awful.  More like half-death.  I felt so bad that I didn’t even change out of the tank top I had worn to the hot yoga class.  Gross, right?  But that’s how bad I felt.  Doing only the bare minimum to survive.

And today I feel much better except for one kind of major issue.  I have my first whopper of a chemo side effect: Oral thrush on the back of my tongue and in my throat.  It makes swallowing painful and it sure ain’t pretty.

I’m most definitely using our Christmas Amazon gift certificates on a Vitamix, the crazy expensive uber-blender my Facebook friends overwhelmingly endorsed when I asked the question, “Do Vitamix blenders live up to the hype or do their owners just want to justify spending huge money on an appliance? Discuss.”

Responses included: “My sister got one for free and said that it changed her life”; ” It’s pretty amazing. It doesn’t compare to any blender out there.”; “they are amazing. put off buying one for years. big mistake”; “YES!! 10 years daily juicing and works wonderfully! It took me 3 years to buy it, never regret it.”

Since I’m envisioning liquid nutrition as a necessary part of my future, I’m going for it.
That’s all I’ve got for tonight. I’m going to try and sneak another Shameless episode before bedtime.  You NEED to check it out– amazing show.  AMAZING!